the 7 cups of coffee

i have this niggling feeling that i’ll very probably flunk my chem. there’s so much to memorize it boggles the mind how some of my mates managed to squeeze a B out if it. sigh. i can’t remember the last time where i sat down, or in this case laid down, and did a 6 hour study marathon. yes, i did indeed say six. organic chemistry is the biggest bitch in the whole wide world. it’s come to the point where i’d rather pick up my biology book instead of mr. chong’s notes. bah, enough of academia talk.

had lunch with jas after he picked me up from college since i was too danged lazy to drive myself to pryamid. all the better anyway, i get to experience his driving and goyang kaki at the same time. we strolled around, hitting the record shops to satisfy his current tiesto craze. i contemplated buying armin van buuren’s universal religion as well as moby’s hotel. the stumbling block? buying both albums would put another black hole into my already big bang’ed economy. it was for the best really, because when i got back i did a little digging and managed to locate both albums including avb’s latest ASOT compilation. so yes dear people, if you were wondering what to get me in the near future, even tho. my birthday is months away, you could ask me what albums i want and get ’em for me :)

coffee in hand, we cruised to club7 for pool. needless to say, i stank to the highest heaven in the first few games. i was getting my ass beat, period. however, my game started to pick up gradually and it was only a pity that we had to leave just when i was starting to get red hot. i have achy and numb legs as a result of standing for 2+ hours. it’s a friday, thank god. that gives me an additional 48 hours to do more cramming. yes, im going to hit the books for one last time before i drop dead onto my bed.


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