have you ever met a car has automatic windshield wipers? well, i know that the relly really pricey ones i.e mb, beemers and audis have this feature built in, but in a tiara? ho ho ho. amazed yet? well, we all found it obscenely hilarious. me,ed,ian and hao shen were on our way back from BBK after having dinner @ denny’s, in celebration of hao shen’s birthday which falls on well, tomorrow. in the car, hao shen proceeded to show us something that no one would thought be bundled with a RM4000 tiara, he hit the steering wheel once. lo and behold, his wiper blades did a full routine. i couldn’t stop laughing i had tears in my eyes and ian kept hitting the steering wheel so that the wipers would continuously go through it’s cyle. i’m sure the car in front thought that us 4 dudes in this longpiak tiara were high on something. it was that funny. c’mon, how many times in yr lifetime do you meet sucha car?


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