remember my busted car? the bill for the repairs came back today, the grand total- RM800+. that, ladies and gentlemen, makes me a very very poor person this month. stopped by mrs. poh’s office this morning during my break and picked up my IELTS slip to verify my 8.5/9 score. nicked a 9 for both my speaking and reading, hmmm, fancy that. after weeks of deliberating on when i should start revising, i finally put my foot down and began last night. surprisingly, i went through everything in a flash. as such, i can afford to laze around today after wrapping up my acid&base paper that’s meant to be handed up on thursday. i felt terrible about the treatment that i’ve been giving my mum these past few days espcially when she had to shell out that insane amount of money just to get my car up and running again so i tried to be extra nice to her and chaffeured her around, timetable permitting of course. i guess it’s the little things that count, and although she’s currently down with the flu she still sent me to coll. this morning and ferried me back so it was only fair that i repaid the favour. enough of sounding melancholic, only 20 minutes left till glorious wednesday. can you say, midweek madness?

p/s: i’m still interested in knowing who the hell in aussie finds this space amusing enough to come back every couple of days of so. i only have 2 friends currently there, and none of them are using telstra. it gives me the shivers to think that some ang moh finds my daily bitches interesting. this blog isn’t advertised as much as others so it’s pretty much meant for people who know me personally. so, if you’re an acquaintance, drop me a line.


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