i experienced one of *those* days that when it rained, it didn’t drizzle,it poured. it all started off with me forgetting to bring my wallet, no biggy. all i had to do was make sure that i didn’t get pulled over by some overzealous policeman looking to score a cheap one. shifted to the middle lane and promptly observed the 90kph speed limit. now, this is when things started to turn shitty. i reached subang @ around 10ish and looked for a parking space before realising that my engine was very quickly overheating. the temperature gauge needle kept rising and rising and at one point it even hit the red bar, hell, everytime i idled for 2 minutes top, it went up but when i started moving again it would go back down. if this hasn’t occured to you as of yet, let me tell you that it’s quite a traumatising process, even worse than a roller coaster ride because you’re aware that your engine may just blow it right there and then. i reached for my phone and called my mum but was greeted instead by the lovely digi operator. the cause? my fcking credit had expired without me knowing, great.

rushed my car into the nearest parking lot i could find, which was at the elephant walk and left for class. had one helluva day, got my bio paper out of the way with and waited for the mechanic to show up. he was supposed to be there by 2:10, i ended waiting another 2 hours before he arrived. it was pathetic, i was standing there with no cash, and i didn’t have a supply of water with me. i’m not a fan of the water foutain because of the hygiene part of it so i was parched. did the 10 minute walk to my car to dig up coins from and went back to the caf to get a bottle of water and a can of carbonated drink to compensate for my lack of lunch. thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as i thought, my radiator water was totally drained, therefore causing the car to overheat. as a precaution, they took the car back to the workshop for a detailed checkup and to be serviced since it’s already due. well, it wasn’t all that bad, simon broke news to me that the IELTS results were out and i managed to garner a 8.5. fcking yehaaa i say. best thing to happen today, i’ll prolly go collect my slip tomorrow from mrs poh. i am now a certified english mastaaah ;0


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