i’ve been particularly disturbed for the better part of the day for no apparent reason. had tim sum at the local tai thong restaurant since granny was craving it so badly this morning before leaving for subang to swap books before sneaking in an hour’s worth reading. bah, i’ve got a bio paper tomorrow and i’m not one bit in the mood to sit for it. i just feel like bitchslapping anybody, or anything for that matter right now. don’t ask, because i won’t tell.

i’ve been listening to a lot of armin v. buuren stuff lately. his sound is so reminiscent of pvd, sometimes it’s so hard to tell them apart; their styles overlap so distinctly that you’d think they’re the same person. avb sprinkles a lot of vocals in between certain tracks, right when the music starts to slow down, kinda like the pre-encore parts, pretty much what pvd does, but he manages to pull it off significantly better. one track off his a state of trance album, burned with desire, is absolutely wonderful. the more i listen to it, the more convinced i am that he will definitely unseat tiesto from the no1 spot as his brand of music gains a wider coverage.

i know that certain obscure DJ albums are hard to source down here in malaysia, and even if they are available, the price alone is enough to give you a heart attack, with the exception of tiesto’s just be which i thought was decently priced. anyway, novatina is an excellent BT site that carries a wide range of d/loads. the domain name changes regularly so just bookmark it. i was fortunate enough to stumble upon it when looking for a suprnova mirror just right after the former went offline, and the admins decided to take it upon themselves to better serve the BT community. most importantly, their trance section is well stocked, with live sets by various DJ’s lying around waiting for you to enjoy them. if all else fails, you could always googlehack yr way around ;) im still searching for pvd’s Vorsprung Dyk Technik . it might be old, but it’s a classic, and a must have for me. if theres any CD that i don’t mind dropping obscene money for, it’s gonna be this one.


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