it’s a friday night and from what i’ve heard, the ball turned out to be a fairly mediocre affair. after wasting 2 weeks on partying, i decided that enough was enough and thus to forego the event, not that i feel deprived in any way; only 5 people from my class went, and that isn’t enough for one table. ball attendance calls for formal attire, a date, bla bla bla. nothing enticing enough to get me to pay RM100++ for my date and myself. before me i have my maths tutorials, all set up, and waiting for me to start, but i don’t think i’ll be doing it tonight. i’m too physically punched up to be able to slog through the questions. the 3 hours sleep in 48 hours weekend is well, taking it’s toll on my body. thank god it’s a saturday.

my graduation ceremony will be in june, post AS but pre A2. for the ones not in the know, that means that i’ll be graduating BEFORE i even sit for my finals. ironic isn’t it? ah well, i need to study, for real now. the sooner i get over all my papers the easier my life will be come monday. i read this piece of motivational script this morning : nothing is just perfect. if we all waited for the environment and conditions to be ideal before starting work, then proper work is not achieved. it went somewhere along those lines, i can’t recall what it exactly said. my mind’s hurling.


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