i’ll be sitting for my IELTS paper this saturday and i’m getting the jitterbugs as of now. i transfered @ the last moment so i lack a basic sense of understanding of how the whole exam takes place. one this is certain tho, i was fortunate enough to be given a 1:20pm speaking test. i have a friend who has his @ 3:45. in other words, he has to stay there for an additional 3+ hours waiting for his turn. people have been telling me that it’s strenuous as it’s a 3++ hour straight exam. well, my command of the language is good, so it can’t be that bad, right? i’m keeping my fingers crossed in the hope that i’ll be able to make it to zoukout after that. it all depends on whether or not my friends want to drive up because if we do go, it’ll be late in the afternoon and we’re gonna have to crash somewhere. anywhere actually, i don’t think any of us will be asleep ;)


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