happy birthday to kel and frankie boy, you’re 19 and 20 each respectively as of today. as planned, i called kel and told her that i wouldnt be coming because of some unforeseen circumstances and as predicted, she blew her top. step 1 of surprise complete. so i left at 7+ and reached their condo at about 7:45. we planted the cake well deep into the refridgerator and waited for her to return. now, the stupidest thing happened, i parked my car in the designated parking bay for my friends unit and when they told me stories of how cars would get clamped if they didn’t posses valid stickers. i panicked and rushed down to repark my car in the visitors parking bays. as i was in the elevator on the way up, the lift stopped on the 2nd floor and who else appeared in front of me but the great grandmother herself. she flew the coop whilst jin shan went “wtf are you doing in the elevator?, i thought you wouldnt arrive till late?” terrible terrible.

after my cover was blown, we walked back to their unit and simon promptly left to get the pit started. lagoonview has weird rules, the pit must be done with by 10pm. like, hello, how do you finish bbq’ing by 10? he was THE master i tell you, i gotta hand it to him. by 9:15, we were having dinner and then as expected as well, they started dunking people into the pool. i stayed well away from them because i didn’t have spare clothes and i had to drive back later in the night and i didn’t want to freeze my nuts off. the ones left dry after the whole process was complete were me,kel, and asha. jin shan asked for her phone back and when i gave it to her, i got fcking fooled. bah. fortunately, i was wearing beach shorts so it dried pretty fast, i kept blowdrying it throughout the night. dinner was pretty good, we were about to go back to the pit to re-bbq some new wings when the guard came down screaming and switched all the lights off. spoil sport. packed everything up and retreated back to the unit where they brought out a 750ml bottle of absolut and a bottle of jack daniels. i was practically licking my lips then because of the absolut but i kept my vow of not drinking; i didn’t plan on making the headlines on todays papers.

crazy felicia then carted 2 24 eggs frame and pelted the birthday people with them, in the bathroom mind you. then out came the flour and oil. the stench was horrendous and poor ol jin shan had to put her foot down and say NO MORE. if my memory serves me right, they mopped and cleaned the washroom abt 15 times before being satisfied that nothing was left. gambled a little bit, won a negligible amount and promptly left @ 1:45am. i was downstairs by my car talking to kel when asha called and told me to stop and come back. i naturally asked her what was the problem and then she told me that i forgot to take my wallet. thank goodness, i was still there and hadn’t got into my car. went back up, collected my wallet and drove off. great party, too bad i didn’t get more than a cup of the vodka. my eveeeel side was saying, nick it damnit!


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