i’m gravely in danger of becoming a bigger coffee addict than i already am. in actual fact, it’s caffeine that keeps me running throughout the day. my daily intake consists of a big mug, i.e bigger than the average soup bowls, in the morning continued with refills of chinese tea in the afternoon when i reach home. turns out my body didn’t react too kindly to over exertion so i had a major problem in picking my body off my bed this morning. stumbling into my bathroom, i almost fell because my sense of balance hadn’t quite picked up. my earlier mug primarily serves the role of keeping me awake when i’m at the wheel. in case you’re wondering why i used the word earlier, well, once i hit college, i roll in 90 cents for yet another cup from the instant coffee machine. boy oh boy, did it do wonders for me today. it was like i was on steroids. heck, i never felt so awake before although i had joint aches. my friends were giving me this weird look like “wtf did you take for breakfast?”. i brood and stare and sulk on normal mornings. yes, i do just that because like everyone else, i need an extra hour worth of winks. hey, caffeine isn’t bad for you, apart from the increased feeling that you need to pee. i can live with that. coffee = bliss :)


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