details about sony’s PSP Value Pack in the states has just been released. $249.99 for the whole package, inclusive of a 32MB Memory stick duo to further tempt the masses. i’m having second doubts about getting my shuffle. the PSP might be three times as expensive, but it’s helluva lot more useful & cooler than the latter. the only thing that bugs me is the price. everyone expected it to drop for roughly $200 which seemed reasonable, but Sony decided not to and aren’t selling PSP by itself without the other gadgets that come with the value pack. bah. to think that it’s going to cost me a whopping RM1000 is ludicrous, but this is a launch-price which is usually higher. another nagging question is how am i expected to get my hands on games that are distributed on sony’s proprietary UMD discs. i did catch a glimpse of a PSP box at some game shop in 1U the other day but i’m quite certain that they don’t stock pirated UMD discs and probably won’t in the near future until it becomes more mainstream. $39.99 per UMD game disc = RM151.954! this is sounding scarier by the minute. the PSP somehow doesn’t sound that appealing anymore. thankfully, there’s still plenty of time for me to make up my mind because kenneth’s parents are due to be come back until may.

moving on, everyone was feeling rather jolly with today being the last day of classes. who wouldn’t? CNY is just a mere 5 days away, lots of preparation and last minute shopping to do. even mr. chong, my 70++ year old chem lecturer couldn’t hide his joy when we presented him with lap kai and the like in this huge guitar-like case. never once did he utter an insult instead sharing with us stories of how he used to spend CNY and invited us to visit him when he get’s back from hadyai on the 7th. see, this IS getting infectious. if even an old grumpy man like him can reminisce, this is surely something. i should be going down to KL later with the guys to toast ck’s going off. beef has been pestering him to open a bottle and he,understandly, is quite reluctant. i don’t know how his parents are going to react when they see their credit card statement if he does it. we’ll all see tonight, if beef remains sober enough to direct us back home and edgar doesn’t get us all killed, i might just live to enjoy CNY ;0


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