before i get any flak for missing today’s reunion lunch, let me plead my case. nobody made an effort to call and confirm my attendance, hence allowing me to assume that the whole thing was called off. secondly, im down to my last 6 dollars, i kid you not. i’ve overspent enormously. so much in fact, that i’ve actually blown off the whole of february’s allowance. it just didn’t make any sense for me to drive down to sunway for a 22++ buffet and linger for 3 hours. in fact, had i done that, i wouldn’t have managed to sneak in a few hours of practice since i only flick the on switch to my organ a few hours prior to class. while i admit that i should share a small bit of my ffk’ing the event, the whole determining factor was quite simply my financial state. i was broke enough to have to come back for lunch when my classes ended early and foregoing anything that cost above 3 dollars for a plate of el-cheapo nasi lemak.


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