since i have nothing to offer, i decided to put up the pics of our buffet dinner @ concorde ealier in jan. notice how the pictures turn out as tho. the photographer has a leaking bladder and has to pee? look at the picture of the girls and tell me, how come ours turned out to be rubbish? simple explanation : beef makes for a LOUSY photographer. a couple of the guys look possesed in a picture eh? i’m always shutter happy whenever i’m in this shirt which i think is prolly due to the bright orange fabric. anyways, the guys were dressed up significantly formal, i.e collared shirts and the such as you can see, whilst old me thought that i could get away with something more casual and quite clearly ended up being the odd one out of the bunch. there are more from where these came from but they’re either with beef or josh, who happens to be back in melbourne and is a stingy fart when it comes to eating up his bandwitdth. bah, 3 should suffice. i’m not that big a cam whore, not unlike someone else i know :0


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