the shittiest thing happened this afternoon while i was driving back. you see, i was in a rush because my granny needed to get to the bank urgently while i was in the midst of getting my tuition and exam fees paid. when i got to the toll, there was this late 98-make benz with the selangor cresent speeding up to me and flashing his lights like there was no tomorrow. let me put it this way, i don’t exactly drive slow. i let him pass and proceeded to the smart-tag lane. it was just my luck then, that he was also heading towards my lane. he went SUPER DUPER slow and i could see from his back windshield that he was grappling with getting his smart tag up onto the dashboard since i was following pretty close behind. i heard the beep and went ahead when all of a sudden, the fucking beam crashed down on my car and hit my windshield. at this point, everything that was on my passenger chair flew to the front, including the tissue box at the back because i applied my brakes as hard as i could. then it hit me, that fucktard didn’t manage to get his tag up in time and instead managed to get across the toll WITH MY TAG. FUCKING ASSHOLE. the attendant came out and asked me what was the matter and when i told him what happened, he let me off without having to pay for another trip. i despise these idiotic drivers and curse that they rot in hell for being so insensitive towards other user of the highways. yes, i speed, eventhough i’m not in a rush but i do not flash my lights to get people out of my way, i patiently wait for them to move over to the middle lane of overtake them when i have the chance and when i find myself causing a line to form behind me, i move over. i’m not that thick skinned. i regularly get dirty glances when i force people off the right lane but for gods sake, you are doing 100 on kesas. which part do you not get? that you’re doing 100 or the part where you’re not on federal?

the road madness continued back at my neighbourhood when i was getting out of my parking space, this kancil came up from behind and being the ever courteous driver that i am, i gave my signal to show that i was leaving and waited patiently for the faggot to pass. he instead stopped right behind my car and had the nerve to sound his horn at me. i was dead pissed after having to endure the incident that happened earlier and duly stuck my hand out of the window to show my respect to that faggot by giving him the single finger salute. tell me, why do people NOT USE THEIR DAMN FUCKING SIGNAL WHEN THEY DRIVE? HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF I TURNED WITHOUT SIGNALLING AND MADE YOU WAIT FOR NOTHING? WHAT IS WRONG WITH USING YOUR SIGNALS? IT’S NOT LIKE THEY WILL EAT YOU UP OR SOMETHING IF YOU TOUCHED THEM. MALAYSIAN DRIVERS ARE A SELFISH AND RUDE BUNCH. I CURSE THAT THEY DIE IN ACCIDENTS IN SUCH INSTANCES.


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