i’m not neglecting this space, it’s just that i’ve got so many things to catch up on that i can’t seem to find the time to sneak a post in. have you ever had buffet @ concorde? well, it’s not fab or anything, it’s mediocre, nothing to rave about unless of course if you haven’t realised that you just plunked down RM48 for it. that’s exactly what we did on sunday night, but of course, being the skimpy people that we are, we managed to extort a 50% discount since beef used to be based there. our convoy of 3 cars took approximately an hour to get there, led by josh and i must say, he did a pretty good job. only 2 wrong turns, and we can’t drive in kl for jack so i’m obligated to say something good about him. dinner was, akward, because of something that happened earlier. right after our meals,with our stomachs filled to the brim, we walked down the road and checked out the clubs. everyone sort of flirted with the idea of going in for a drink but common sense prevailed. there was NO way that we were going to be able to make it back in time since it was already 10ish. mind you, this was a sunday night, so it was very serene and the bulk of us had classes the next morning.

so instead of an alcohol laden desert, we dropped by CB and sat for a fair bit continuing with stories that had yet to be finished. we took off for sweet ol klang at 11 and somehow, managed to reach home by 11:30. i was dead tired, not having enough sleep earlier in the day after mum had woken me up to go to PWTC to ride the EduFair bandwagon. by 11:45, my lights were out, that’s how fatigued i was. i’m officially in IELTS class right now after finding out that the uni. that i’m going to doesn’t accept GP. joy wasn’t too happy too see me leave but i couldn’t be bothered, i’m not about to fork out RM250 for a subject that will be of no use to me in the future. and besides, writing an essay once a week is a bore, not to mention a strain on the hands. the IELTS lecturer was kind enough to let me in even though the exam was scheduled for march. and oh, we,and by we, i mean students and a certain white haired lecturer, engaged in a thief and robber game yesterday. it was fun, behaving like kids and watching the look of utter disbelief spread wide over others faces.


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