meet the fockers was fantastic, to put in one word. although the censorship board did get their panties in a wad during certain scenes, the movie was still a blast. even the numerous adults present laughed their hearts out, with dirty jokes spread throughout the 2 hour film. it puzzles me a bit because it was helluva more naughty than kung fu hustle but yet managed to get a U rating so go figure. the morning after was hell. mind you this was the 31st of dec, new years eve so me, ck, beef, and edgar headed down to tmn rashna for bkt and had a little discussion on how we were gonna have a blast come midnight. all three of them were still pretty much half asleep especially edgar whom i picked up since he had driven the night before. i didn’t know the way to the this particular bkt shop so he was giving me instructions and then this happened:

me:eh, turn left or right?

ed:uhh, left (points to his right)


ed:left laaaa, with his hand still pointing to the right

me:see where are you pointing,sohai

ed:oops, left lar left, NOW.

i thought the food was decent, which is good for prolly everybody considering i’m picky about my food. plans were made, goodbyes were said, and we went home waiting for beef to call us with the details for the night.

upon reaching home, mum surprised me by telling me that her friend from aussie had come back to malaysia for a vacation and we were going to meet her at 1U, and when she meant we, she meant that i was to tag along as well. i didn’t quite mind because i remembered that her friend had said in her email earlier that two of her daughters, melissa,17 and uh,i can’t remember the name of the younger one, 15 would be down with her. seriously deprived of sleep, i hopped onto her car and we set off, not knowing that there was a terrible jam caused by a lorry that died in the middle of the road. at this point, i was sweating, because my mums air-con is not really cold, which is the total opposite of mine,which i’m fond off. to cut a long story short, they met, they chatted, and we children suffered. melissa was cute, in a way. i don’t suppose i’ll be seeing either one of them again, unless fate feels very generous. my plans got canceled, and i sat at home, alone, watching die another day whilst doing my h/w. pretty lame, i know. well, happy new year. school reopens tomorrow, and it seems like i’m the only one who’s hyped about it. i get to rise at 6.30am, have breakfast on the go, navigate through kewajipan, wrestle for a place in the car park, and collect my results. hallelujah anyone?


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