armed with just 4+ hours of sleep from the night before, my friends and i headed down to 1U to catch kung fu hustle. it made us laugh helluva lot, it isn’t like yr typical chinese slapstick comedy flick. the weirdest thing happened today, the dude who collects the ticket stubs demanded to see mine and sueann’s ID because the movie was rated 18PL. bleh, the guy has gotta have something against me. in two days, i’ve blacklisted two restaurants : yoshinoya & uncle lim’s. terrible food, shittily priced, you might as well have a burger. the asam laksa that i had @ uncle lim’s yesterday was so chau ta‘ed you could taste the crusty flakes that got mixed into the soup and i had to part with RM7.90.well, mums, not mine but HELLO, i can get 3 bowls of super duper laksa here and still have change to spare. on the other hand, the udon that yoshinoya served me today, was haaaaard. it’s not soft like the one that you get in sushi king or some other jappie restaurants. BAD. very bad. this coming from a person who was extremely hungry, didn’t have breakfast, and ate at 4pm. i’ve managed to keep functioning thanks to cokes and tea that i had throughout the day, fluffy bed here i come.


One thought on “110382356449590397

  1. OMFG,
    not another victim of Uncle Lim’s rip off scam. Ugh, poor you. Haha.

    That place should be burnt down.
    Horrible food, stupid prices on the menu and stupid people lining up for nothing.
    I just don’t understand how these “City” people can stand such utterly horrible food.
    God someone please slap them. :P

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