oh god, i actually have a ton of homework that i conviniently forgot about. since i have less than 3 weeks of slave-free days left, i’ve resorted to flipping through my books to reassert myself into my studies. gta is truly an awesome game,when you think that nothing else can suprise you, it just jumps at you with something you never thought you’d see in a videogame. it’s a blessing that i’ve only poured that much time into it during the hols when i have practically nothing to do. where else can you drive what, a ton of weird vehicles, esp. the hot dog van. i miss my friends, i really do. it’s so different not having to pick my lazy ass off the bed @ an ungodly hour and exchange grunts in the morning over cofee. there’s so little going on i think i’m dead, i don’t feel like punching frank whenever he does his zany catwalk, stare daggers at kel when she does really stupid things, and go ahem ahem when a certain horrible womans phone rings. it’s weird. half of me can’t wait to get back to class while the other half wants to keep my life on hold. apart from the missed calls that i receive in the wee hours of the morning, i haven’t actually spoken to them since. and i’ve just realised, i havent had a cup of cofee, for a very very long time. since the day of my last paper. i guess that makes me caffeine free for quite some time, amazing feat don’t you think? i actually consume 3 cups of cofee throughout the morning and tea through the day to keep me functioning. uh oh, results are rumoured to be out on christmas eve, don’t you think the faculty has a wicked sense of timing? if christmas was not reason enough to get dead drunk, here’s a toast to a flunk-free christmas.


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