i spotted this really good deal for a notebook in the papers this morning :
-1.7ghz pentium M
-15″ screen
-256 megs of ddr ram
-a whopping 60gigs of HD space
-a combo drive + a dvd burner
-and a lame ass integrated graphics card
all for a measly 4399 courtesy of dell. tell me that isn’t a steal, sure, the graphx card is all sucky but who actually plays games on their lap? the prices for laps have been falling like there’s no tomorrow, for eg. the g4 ibook from apple. at a buck under 4000 and an airport adaptor thrown in for free, it’s exactly the reason you’ve been waiting for to hop onto the mac bandwagon. it just isn’t realistic for me to get a notebook @ this moment of time particularly because all i’m going to do with it is just store my movies and songs. initially, i thought about building a small form factor/cube custom, but i got cold feet when i saw the pricing for just the casing. who would have thought that pieces of carbon fibre would cost more than a thousand? uh huh, it’s that pricey. and oh, this site might interest you. it put me off actually, they’re way way nasty. don’t say i didn’t warn you.


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