it boggles the mind how women take being treated like dirt by men when they’re in love. case in point- look at the latest season of the amazing race. i mean c’mon, yelling and all is fine, but when it comes to pushing and shoving? hell, you must be entirely out of your mind. you DO NOT shove a woman just because she’s on a a totally different wavelength. i swear, i was mortified when i watched the rerun and saw jonathan do just that right in fronta the taxi driver. hell, you can even see the grim face that phil puts on every time he has to greet them on the platform. the minute they’re gone, i’m sure everyone will breathe a sigh of relief at not being forced to watch him and his ice-age gestures again. bleh, arsenal beat rosenborg flat out this morning. i was half hoping that they would have been trashed instead. never mind that, i’ve watched the season 1 finale of the o.c. really good ending, dare i say this, it’s even better than smallville. i’ve turned into one big telly addict that’s running out of HDD space. i think i might need to get another 80gb.

and oh, i saw this on shadowness earlier. since when did malaysian syndicates offer sucha service? geez.


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