now that my room is cleared of all the clutter that comes with last minute studying, i finally get to catch up on all the sleep that i’ve been deprived of. spent the night at frank’s after our last paper having steamboat which turned out pretty bad. we had to wait for a friend who was watching alexander and so were pretty much full when he arrived thanks to the beer that we had. nonetheless, we pigged out as much as we could and we didn’t end up dead drunk which was a godsend because his mum popped in unannounced. bleary eyed and ready for bed, asha managed to coax everyone to drive over to pryamid to catch latte @ 8 even tho. one fella was already snoring his heart out. reluctanctly, i tagged along and well, there was one really really cute looking grrl standing at the corner of the set so i did get to ogle at her a fair bit and that made the trip worth it. now that i think back, it’s quite apparent that i have a weakness for girls with short hair at the moment. whilst nightdreaming about her, we stumbled back into the near empty parking lot only to realise that the driver lost his fckin parking ticket. i know i know, flashback, happened to me, but not @ 2 in the morning and in an empty shopping mall.

backtracking our steps yielded no plastic-card-sized white sheet of paper that had parking printed on it so we did the rational thing and asked the security about it. thankfully, they were kind enough to give us a paid parking ticket without any fuss, wish that had happened to me the last time, bleh. fast forward a few hours, we spooked each other silly with what else but ghost stories, the fella who slept early got so scared stiff he didn’t dare go to the loo without kelly, lmfao. thanks to seow lin’s wakeup call, i left the place early to get back so that i could take a shower and have some brunch with her. the pace of my life has been totally hectic and i need some time to recharge my batteries and what else could do a better job than a month’s supply of the o.c and sleep? you just gotta love the holidays.


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