it is 11:40pm and i’m still listening to feng tau music, not that i’m a fan of it. someone who has too much cash and time decides every now and then to throw a mini party that usually lasts for a week or so and blast their downright bad singing to the point that could possibly cause your ears to bleed. if i want to go dancing, i’d hit a club. if i want to listen to electronica, i’d pop a couple of my CDs into my CD player. the boom boom from the bass is starting to get on my nerves now since i can’t sleep because my bed is vibrating. oh, suprise surprise, it’s stopped. least they had the brains to figure out that people need a decents night sleep and not turn up bleary eyed for work/class tomorrow. hell, if anybody living in my neighbourhood gets killed in an accident while journeying to work tomorrow we’ll know who to sue, the idiot that decided to ruin our sleep. heck, why bother with just pieces of papers and laws? why not clobber him to near death and stick him up there with those paper figures that adorn the stage? i never could understand why they keep playing feng tau songs if it’s meant to be entertainment for the dead. i mean, since when did they enjoy electronica, trance,techno or any other genre that has doubly fast beats?


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