to round up my asswipe week, i lost my fcking parking ticket yesterday when i went for organ class and didn’t realise it until i was standing in front of the cashier. 20 bucks isnt that much an amount of money, but it IS when you one have ONE measly dollar in your wallet. the act of refilling my wallet after dishing out 60 bucks for nikki’s consultation totally slipped off my mind and if you don’t already know by now, nik’s been sick these past few days. she doesn’t look like her usual boisterous self & ate miniscule amount of food. after having a panic attack and walking around aimlessly looking for my lost ticket, it finally dawned on me that there was no goddamn way of getting it back. i frantically called ck and asked him to come over to loan me money but he told me he that the car wasn’t around. fine, i asked for names of people that were working at jj and he mentioned a former school mate that got on my nerves on occasions but beggars can’t be choosers in situations like these. grabbed 20 dollars from him and i happily drove home amidst the ever present jam in klang. to the people whose toes have been flattened by me this past week, my genuine apologies. to those that have been wondering about my state of mind, i’m still sane, no worries. parties and the like will have to wait until next month when i’m off for my semester break. the books are beckoning, cheers.


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