life without a live-in maid is horrible which is why i have absolutely no idea how some people manage it. it’s been 4 days now that my maid has left and the whole family agreed to do our fair bit of work and hire a local house helper instead. but since she doesn’t start until next thursday, it’s chore time for everyone. it’s looking pretty bright so far with no arguements brought to the dinner table yet, but it’s bound to happen sometime down the road. i think i did pretty well in my chems paper since i managed to work out almost the whole paper and i came back to a new dvd player sitting on my organ chair. my first reaction was, holy shit, not another one. you should be wondering, what’s with having dvd players around, correct? well, if i include this one, then there’s three dvd players in the house which fractions out to one for each in the family. mum told me that she didn’t theoretically buy it and at that point i let out a sigh of relief.

i should actually be in jj now having my organ classes but i’m not, i’m at home. didnt feel like going after doing all the housework, guess i’ve done my share. thank god i have a holiday on monday, ive got a ton of workload piling up on my table which should be able to be done with come tuesday. i’m off :)


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