i cant believe how tired i am right now and it’s only the middle of the week, sigh*
i left coll. pretty late today and as expected, i got stuck in a couple of jams on the way back. the story goes like this : kel’s OS went bonkers on her so good ol me volunteered my service since i thought it was going to take a short while. my xp cd went crazy during our first installation which led me to postpone the darn thing since sueann called me for lunch.plonked down my last 8 dollars for my food and we talked about certain things that she found very very amusing. stop smirking, girl. went back to kel’s apartment to get everything settled up and left at 5. i kept yawning and looking out for policemen on the way back since they’re out full force now and with raya right around the corner, it’s makan time for ’em and since i dont happen to have any cash on me so it wouldnt be wise to get myself a ticket now would it? i am absolutely craving for some bed time right now but i’ve still yet to cover all my topics for tomorrows chems paper, bleh. i currently have 1 measly dollar left in my wallet, cheques and money orders can be directed to the andrew-is-dead-broke fund, $$$ village. ps: paypal not accepted XD


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