is it just my connection or has stimmyx’s speed been terrible these past few days?i can’t get a page to load decently, but funny enough gunbound launches as usual. i reckon it’s got something to do with TMnet upgrading the infrastructure as some of you may have read in the papers a few days back. i finally got my hair cut yesterday as kel brought me over to this saloon at subang square. i swear, i’m never getting my hair cut there anymore. i’m just gonna leave it as it is and see what happens. i hate it, and i feel guilty for asking mum for the ludicrous amount of money it cost. on another note, how can someone ask me whether i woud like “feminine wash” or “the cleanser” when i asked for lactacyd? like, wtf? do i look like i’ll be needing that feminine wash for whatever reason? cracker.

i finally managed to get my ps2 to boot up it’s mediacenter yesterday, thank god. now i can watch my movies in the comfort of my room without needing to match the volume of the chinese serials on tv. praise be to smallville! season four started of wonderfully, fantabulous i say. we get to see more skin.. HALLELUJAH!


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