sueann’s party was well, not what we expected. for once, there were adults handing out cans of beers to us & actually encouraging us to drink. there was a lot of food on the tables set up with 3 tents. besides the usual stuff, there was ASAM LAKSA. that’s definitely a first, i’ve never had do it yourself laksa, but me and edna gobbled it down anyway. she had 2 packets, the lil pig :P which reminds me, ck’s driving has turned absolutely horrible. im having to refrain myself from cursing his ass to the highest heavens after what he put us through yesterday. thank god the little bit of wine he had wasnt enough to make him think ramming his car into another is fun. i have a slight problem on my hand and it’s well, nothing serious but it is bothersome.i’ll have to watch my actions from now on :S


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