life without a live-in maid is horrible which is why i have absolutely no idea how some people manage it. it’s been 4 days now that my maid has left and the whole family agreed to do our fair bit of work and hire a local house helper instead. but since she doesn’t start until next thursday, it’s chore time for everyone. it’s looking pretty bright so far with no arguements brought to the dinner table yet, but it’s bound to happen sometime down the road. i think i did pretty well in my chems paper since i managed to work out almost the whole paper and i came back to a new dvd player sitting on my organ chair. my first reaction was, holy shit, not another one. you should be wondering, what’s with having dvd players around, correct? well, if i include this one, then there’s three dvd players in the house which fractions out to one for each in the family. mum told me that she didn’t theoretically buy it and at that point i let out a sigh of relief.

i should actually be in jj now having my organ classes but i’m not, i’m at home. didnt feel like going after doing all the housework, guess i’ve done my share. thank god i have a holiday on monday, ive got a ton of workload piling up on my table which should be able to be done with come tuesday. i’m off :)



i cant believe how tired i am right now and it’s only the middle of the week, sigh*
i left coll. pretty late today and as expected, i got stuck in a couple of jams on the way back. the story goes like this : kel’s OS went bonkers on her so good ol me volunteered my service since i thought it was going to take a short while. my xp cd went crazy during our first installation which led me to postpone the darn thing since sueann called me for lunch.plonked down my last 8 dollars for my food and we talked about certain things that she found very very amusing. stop smirking, girl. went back to kel’s apartment to get everything settled up and left at 5. i kept yawning and looking out for policemen on the way back since they’re out full force now and with raya right around the corner, it’s makan time for ’em and since i dont happen to have any cash on me so it wouldnt be wise to get myself a ticket now would it? i am absolutely craving for some bed time right now but i’ve still yet to cover all my topics for tomorrows chems paper, bleh. i currently have 1 measly dollar left in my wallet, cheques and money orders can be directed to the andrew-is-dead-broke fund, $$$ village. ps: paypal not accepted XD


praise be to god, arsenal are BEATEN! i swear i had some tears in my eyes at the end of the game. for the record, i did in fact manage to wake up in time for bkt and stayed awake throughout the journey even tho i wasn’t driving. nonetheless,my hand did go upto my mouth with increasing frequency as the day wore on and now that i’ve picked up my bluetooth dongle, there wont be a need for me to depend as much on textamerica anymore.


you know you’re bored senseless when you’re doing exactly what i’m doing right now, going through friendster profiles. the splitting headache i had earlier on seems to have been vanquished and now the over-sleep syndrome has kicked in courtesy of the green tea that’s in my cup. clocking in 12 hours of sleep isnt exactly what i do every week, in fact, half of that is normally enough to get me by but my body clock seems to automatically crash on fridays. it’s sort of like, friday is the day that i absolutely have to doze off even tho. it’s the weekend. bummer. nobody online is worth talking to and i have to be up early tomorrow in a couple of hours for breakfast with mum and then i’m off to the aussie study fair @ mandarin oriental.

why? you may ask, well, if all goes to plan, i’ll probably be there, come another 2 years or so, to get my studies wrapped up. it’s been getting pretty lonely here, with josh already gone and ck preparing to leave next year, i can’t imagine how much worse can the situation get. the others are well, pretty occupied with their work and stuff so we don’t usually get together as much as we used to. ask me a couple of years back if i wanted to go abroad for my studies and i would definitely say no but things change, people change. i know i’m sounding a little mellow but it’s just something that pops up once in a while. wait, make that every saturday night. i guess i’ll just have to accept the fact that people move on, that we should let old matters die out, because there’s no point in reminiscency. i can’t possibly picture the event of not having anyone to call out because they’re not around. as terrible as it may sound, it’s happening, right now. it’s 2:25 in the morning, and i’m having a depression fit, just great. before i start blabbing things that i don’t mean, all the best to all ’em fifth formers who’re gonna be sitting for their SPM on monday. don’t let what happened to me happen to you, put your wallet on top of your pencils and stuff & don’t forget to bring your IC on the FIRST day of examinations :p


oh, you do happen to remember the incident in my last post didnt you? now the rumour mill is saying that he didnt jump voluntarily, he has well, killed before being dumped. either way, looks pretty nasty, and if it was indeed a murder, i’m sure we’re in for one helluva ride.on another note, have mms will snap – before & after pictures of my haircut.


uh, im having page issues, my cjb.net address doesnt seem to be able to keep up with the refresh rate of my geocities pages and it’s starting to look pretty pretty ugly. angelfire’s finally resolved their loading issues but i’ve moved over to blogspot so it’s sayonara to them. and oh, some dude comitted suicide over at palmvillelagoonview last sunday and this time, his head split open like a watermelon on those car safety demos. it seems that he landed very hard indeed so much so that people say that the impact sounded like firecrackers. his body was found next to the pool, and surprise surprise, half of his brains ended up IN the pool. i wonder who would dare swim there anymore? anyone? :P


angelfire pages have refused to load for the past few days and i’m not certain on whether it’s an isolated incident or not but i have decided to move my blog over to blospot. some of you may have noticed, some of you may have not, my site is split into two hosts, angelfire and geocities. this is because geocities doesnt support ftp which i needed for blogger and so i had used my former angelfire address as my blog page. well, looks like that won’t be the case anymore. except for cjb.net & geocities pop ups, i dont suppose that you’ll be bombarded with irritating ads. and oh, i’ve always wanted to say this but i never had the chance, if you’re using IE, jump the bandwagon and support firefox or mozilla. IE is infested with numerous exploits that you shouldnt need to worry about and these two browsers eliminate that and not to mention popups. yes, i know, popup blockers are a norm these days, but firefox does an excellent job at it and especially with my site which is full of them. yes, i know, it’s ironic that me, the popup hater has what, 5 popups on my site but it’s what everyone has to bear with when using free hosting. i used to use mozilla back when firefox)formerly known as thunderbird) wasnt released yet and i was well, surprised. it’s fast, lightning fast really, and it’s going mainstream right now which is a good thing. i’ve given opera a shot but it doesnt seem to be as quick, even tho. people say that it’s fast but i still think that mozilla is faster, and more newbie friendly, really :0 firefox IS the only browser that you’ll ever need, period.

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