yes im back but no i’m not going stick around.here’s why : maths paper on wednesday, moral presentation on wednesday,gp presentation on wednesday & i can’t recall when i last touched my bio & chem notes anymore.if it wasn’t for my moral presentation i prolly wouldn’t had refitted my sys w a new mobo.trucked it home, and realised that i couldnt’ install xp even tho i had put win98 in as a base.left it around for 2 days before the anxiety of not being able to finish my work caused me to make frantic calls to my local helpline who advised me to check out my ram sticks so i opened the casing up and took off both sticks before puttin em back together.turns out the older one that i had bought back in `02 was faulty so im now runnin on only 2-fckin-56.slow as a mule as i told edgar.

if anyone has any problems w their pc do gimme a call, i’ll refer you to the guy that helped me out.awesome fellah, didnt charge me a single cent even tho he could had asked me to bring it over for him to touch-touch and then charge me RM50.looks like another trip down to low yat for another stick of ram is in the horizon.sigh*


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