a party’s bound to crash when no one knows the correct time to arrive.period.well, we got away with it yesterday.i-must-be-the-most-punctual-guy-ian dropped by sometime after 6 so he had to accompany mum & granny to watch the chinese serials.sueann came shortly after with the bbq set and then all we need to get the fire started was for ck to bring the charcoal.right,smooth sailing.kapoof, ck arrives, charcoal here.okay, let’s stat the fireand then “eh, where’s the firestarter ar?” yeah, we had no firestarters.so coincidentally that sueann left her ic & license at home so the both of em went back to sueann’s place to get everything.

beef arrived, fuming as usual.got everything set up and while waiting for the firepeople to arrive opened the gate for goh,enrique,sheema & prashanth.thank god for li ping, if it wasnt for her, i’d bet we wouldnt have got that darn thing going even after 12.time we started placing food on the bbq set : 9.30pm.we had dinner at 10 friggin pm.just as we were gonna start feeding, prash,goh & the rest decided to call it a night and left pretty early.i think they just couldnt stand to wait for their turn.lol.

beef went and picked up lorraine & esther and so we had more people to chow down all the food.i think this is the first bbq ive gone to that we had clean plates.well, not literally but we did finish the chickens.we talked the night away and beef just kept getting screwed by ian.aaaaaaw, wasnt that cute.the whole bunch of us spooked each other w ghost stories since it is the hungry ghost fest right now so it was pretty fun.cleaned up @ round 1 something since all of us were pretty darn sleepy, especially sueann and all of us had classes earlier in the morning and we were practically sleepwalking by then.only the likes of uh,ian,esther & lorraine were still pretty awake.

gr8 bbq, hope you guys enjoyed it.if u werent invited then it’s prolly because we didnt want you to come and then not have anything to eat so dont feel insulted.EDNA : MAKE SURE YOU DONT CANCEL ON ME TOMORROW.roflmao.and uh li ping, mum lavshed her praises on you last night,i think you’re eligible to be her daughter-in-law already :P


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