what a friday i had.looking forward to the weekend and murphy’s law just had to come into play.towards the end of the period, ms chong pulled the last 6 of us aside and told us that she had something important to tell us & us being the dumb ones tought that we were gonna be segregated from the rest of the class during prac sessions so gave little tought about it.turns out that she was of the opinion that our class was yes, a little to big to accomodate the prac sessions and yes she would have to segregrate us AND in the process, transfer us to another lecturer.who else would the suitable candidate be but *clap hands*, ms nesa once again.hard as i tried to contain my feelings, i just couldn’t stop the anger rising within me and quite honestly broke every single traffic rule on my way back home.

i wont deny the fact that she is a good lecturer, but im not one for her teaching methods.i despise the way she treats us during classes and i’m not about to give up my A’s for D’s & C’s now that i’m actually doing well in bio.michelle turned out to be in the same boat as me and she very very quickly rang up her mum to give a call to mrs horh since we all know that talking to her is as good as talking to a mannequin.about 3 hours later, i received her reply : she was stickin in ms. chong’s class and it just about gave me a shimmer of hope.yes people, im going to storm into horh’s office and DEMAND to stay in ms. chong’s class.i will not budge and if she does shove me into a corner, im gonna to drop bio.simple as that.


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