a party’s bound to crash when no one knows the correct time to arrive.period.well, we got away with it yesterday.i-must-be-the-most-punctual-guy-ian dropped by sometime after 6 so he had to accompany mum & granny to watch the chinese serials.sueann came shortly after with the bbq set and then all we need to get the fire started was for ck to bring the charcoal.right,smooth sailing.kapoof, ck arrives, charcoal here.okay, let’s stat the fireand then “eh, where’s the firestarter ar?” yeah, we had no firestarters.so coincidentally that sueann left her ic & license at home so the both of em went back to sueann’s place to get everything.

beef arrived, fuming as usual.got everything set up and while waiting for the firepeople to arrive opened the gate for goh,enrique,sheema & prashanth.thank god for li ping, if it wasnt for her, i’d bet we wouldnt have got that darn thing going even after 12.time we started placing food on the bbq set : 9.30pm.we had dinner at 10 friggin pm.just as we were gonna start feeding, prash,goh & the rest decided to call it a night and left pretty early.i think they just couldnt stand to wait for their turn.lol.

beef went and picked up lorraine & esther and so we had more people to chow down all the food.i think this is the first bbq ive gone to that we had clean plates.well, not literally but we did finish the chickens.we talked the night away and beef just kept getting screwed by ian.aaaaaaw, wasnt that cute.the whole bunch of us spooked each other w ghost stories since it is the hungry ghost fest right now so it was pretty fun.cleaned up @ round 1 something since all of us were pretty darn sleepy, especially sueann and all of us had classes earlier in the morning and we were practically sleepwalking by then.only the likes of uh,ian,esther & lorraine were still pretty awake.

gr8 bbq, hope you guys enjoyed it.if u werent invited then it’s prolly because we didnt want you to come and then not have anything to eat so dont feel insulted.EDNA : MAKE SURE YOU DONT CANCEL ON ME TOMORROW.roflmao.and uh li ping, mum lavshed her praises on you last night,i think you’re eligible to be her daughter-in-law already :P



killing time waiting for ck&ian to come back so we can go get our drinks for the bbq tonight.was it my connection or was blogger down yesterday?hmmm, integrating phlogger into the shell right now.im tired, thank god it’s a holiday tomorrow.time to regain all those lost nights when i was well, not sleeping.darn, i have like a week’s worth of bio notes all in my scrapbook and i have to re-write ’em nicely in a bit.classes went pretty smoothly today, all of us were pretty high planning where to go tonight.too bad i wont be joinin them.imagine a 4 hour drive to ipoh just for kai-fan.mad people.


scoresheet for inti college nilai(sic) : 3-5, 5-10. guess who ended up the losers.yep, we crashed out, again.i sat the first game out and ended up playing the entire 2nd game.started off pretty good, we kept feeding bobby the ball but he couldnt capitalise on it so our offence was thrown outta the window.the 4 of us havent played together for about a month and they didnt know that i had switched my post from a small forward to a pg and that caused further mayhem to our game.in short : we got beat, pretty badly.and oh, did i mention we squared off against a local team so they had like what, 20+ people cheering ’em on?they were nice people tho, no cheap shots of any sort.great buncha fellas.our game was particularly physical but it was all in good fun & i was the cleanest player on the court, only picking up one foul.i think.

ah well, least we had fun and saw a couple of hot looking girls so it was worth the journey.hopped over to dave’s deli for lunch and the food was terrible to say the least.never going there for meals anymore.walked around the place for a while till we got bored and then paid our parking ticket.here’s the nice part,the ticket got rejected a couple of times and the guys had no idea that i had my finger on the cancel button everytime they inserted the ticket in.they thought that the ticket was faulty and they were starting to freak out, god, it was hilarious i tell you.couldnt stop laughing all the way to the car.


if it’s any consolation, my pc went konkers on sunday & so i’ve been burying myself into my ever increasing stack of papers whilst spendin some time w my dvds.just added shrek2, confessions of a teenage drama queen & 13 going on 30 courtesy of mum so wont be bored out of my head when im on my break in like, what, 2 weeks time?i had actually thought about bloggin this mornin while i was the computer lab but then again i didnt’ like the idea of people peering over my shoulder so i
decided not to and kathy pestered me to re-set up the pc cos she wanted to use it so here i am & i have to finish up my maths exam later when i get back from 1u tomorrow.

speaking of which, do come and watch us play @ 1u tomorrow if you’re feeling awfully free.hopefully we wont get kicked outta the prelims tomorrow and not have a chance to play on sunday.i’m supposed to be in bed right now if not for edna being on and oh, sucha pity the SIA stewardess didnt read my messages.perhaps she’s even blinder than i am, hmmmmm.and yes, if anybody has the pramugara ham tai that was made in klang could you please leave a message? edna wants it :P what else is there for me to announce, oh yeah, i just realised that im gettin hits from aussie? hey there, drop me a line, tell me your address and i’ll courier over some of nikki’s poop for free.if it’s you josh then i’ll send over klang bak kut teh.

and people, AVOID collateral @ all costs, it’s a dumb movie, not worth your 7 bucks, drop the money on an iced mocha or something.just dont watch it.tom cruise’s lamest movie ever.period.


what a friday i had.looking forward to the weekend and murphy’s law just had to come into play.towards the end of the period, ms chong pulled the last 6 of us aside and told us that she had something important to tell us & us being the dumb ones tought that we were gonna be segregated from the rest of the class during prac sessions so gave little tought about it.turns out that she was of the opinion that our class was yes, a little to big to accomodate the prac sessions and yes she would have to segregrate us AND in the process, transfer us to another lecturer.who else would the suitable candidate be but *clap hands*, ms nesa once again.hard as i tried to contain my feelings, i just couldn’t stop the anger rising within me and quite honestly broke every single traffic rule on my way back home.

i wont deny the fact that she is a good lecturer, but im not one for her teaching methods.i despise the way she treats us during classes and i’m not about to give up my A’s for D’s & C’s now that i’m actually doing well in bio.michelle turned out to be in the same boat as me and she very very quickly rang up her mum to give a call to mrs horh since we all know that talking to her is as good as talking to a mannequin.about 3 hours later, i received her reply : she was stickin in ms. chong’s class and it just about gave me a shimmer of hope.yes people, im going to storm into horh’s office and DEMAND to stay in ms. chong’s class.i will not budge and if she does shove me into a corner, im gonna to drop bio.simple as that.


first up, a big thank you to frank’s mum for the lunch we had yesterday.so yeah, apart from that,the car park’s been closed off since yesterday & the dreaded walk all the way to the parking lots @ the hospital is pure hell.5-10 mins walk under the hot sun doesnt exactly make you look forward to classes when your day is gonna start w plenty of yawns because your first two periods are maths.

ah well, ms joy decided to take us to the military expo today & we loved her for it cause our presentation was scheduled for today and we werent really prepared so we got off very nicely.there was plenty of neat stuff to see & touch apart from this one booth where they really had authentic,real-life weapons so they had a lil section cordoned off but it was still pretty near but not close enough to touch.the army fellah there was pretty helpful and answered our questions very nicely and even found time to joke around w us.man, did i really hate not having a camera phone then.some of them were taking pictures of the guns esp. the mp5 & the steyr.

the girls on the other hand had a field day @ the food booth.yes, the food booth.i didnt realise that military rations had menus.hmmm, something to ponder on.the reason for that is because we’re multiracial so there was bound to be some food *incompatibilities* thus the creation of the menus.noelle was like, “eh, CAN TRY ar?,i want i want.WAAAAh, NOT bad ar!”.and yeah,we also caught whiff of the lil canisters that they use to disperse crowds and it isn’t nice @ all.it doesnt really hit you straight away but give it a few minutes and you can feel this peppery lump forming @ the base of your throat.let me repeat, NOT NICE.komathy took a lil too healthy dose of it and she started crying ;P seee kids, it isn’t good to mess around w the armed forces, lol

and oh yeah, najib decided to ffk the whole event even tho he was s’posed to officiate the whole thing.damn idiot, caused the whole lot of us to have to walk all the way up to the fourth floor because of him and he didn’t even show up.the security people and police all around the place were there for nothing, ZILCH.one more day to go and we’ll get our parking lots back, 24 hours can’t be that long a wait.i hope.