Cuppa Joe


My habit for coffee, and caffeine in general is well…well documented.

It is, however quite interesting that even in these times where almost every single thing is known about almost anything, we still haven’t truly figured out whether coffee is good or bad for us.

When I was in Japan I took the opportunity to wean myself off the wonder drug, and indulged in this lovely thing called sleep and rest. 1 cup in the morning, and well…whatever I could get during the day.
My girlfriend was the main instigator for coffee breaks (to rest our tired legs!) but otherwise, I did not crave the buzz.

So this is quite interesting really, and says quite a bit about how we metabolise coffee. It’s a little geeky, but if you’re into that sort of thing, it makes a lot of sense.




Sunday mornings seem to be THE day that I get things done.

From cleaning the kitchen to organizing my to-do list, planning out my meals for the week, to notes to myself, almost everything gets planned in part on Sunday mornings.

In fact, this post was composed on a Sunday morning.

Whatever happened to waking up hungover after a big Saturday night out, desperately craving for something to fill my tummy up?

Anyways, I’m expecting to make some slow cooked bbq pork shoulder for some tacos tonight after I get back from basketball. Should be epic, especially when you’re craving for some tasty carb goodness before the hypo kicks in.

Get Keen For The Ba’ath Party


You knew he was a badass, but to be able to stomach doing something like this to another human being…I dunno.

Goes to show what sort of monstrosities become necessities during times of war.
What would you do to consolidate power in order to preserve your self being.

The world is literally burning to the ground, one ash fall at a time.