Every Day Is A Struggle


The other day I got home from work and thought to myself, “Hey ho, call it a quick and early night”.

I was utterly wrong.

Lying on my bed, way out at the corner of my blind vision, I caught sight of something black wiggling its way across the ceiling.
I bolt up in bed and put on my googly glasses – A ducking huntsman.
Picked up the trusty Dyson stick and gave it a quick whir, head downstairs to flush the bastard down the drain when I stumble upon a redback. Wow…this is turning out to be quite the night.

Being bloody fighters that they were, they put up quite a resistance against the onslaught of water and TWICE tried to climb back out.
Come out of the washroom…and I hear crickets in the living room.
Can’t catch a break. Took me another 15 minutes hunting them down.


The Uggggh Ball

So let’s talk about this niche of a group that adores OSX but yet at the same time, doesn’t buy into the whole idea that the apple ecosystem should be all encompassing – enter Android & it’s slew of handsets.

You either love or hate iTunes, there’s no two ways to go about it. Over the years, it’s ballooning in girth and complexity to accommodate its capabilities have been well documented, that’s something that has been well documented and whinged about aplenty.

What I do want to talk about though, is the hardship of trying to sync music & playlists along with the nuances of album art and ratings and the such from iTunes onto your android device and vice versa.
Pick your poison be it wired or wireless, Android and OSX do not make very nice bed buddies.

I tried a bucketload of apps to try and get my stuff onto my phone, I very nearly gave up…that is until I stumbled upon iSyncr.


Doubletwist with it’s fancy named AirSync? Check.
Android File Transfer (AFT)? Check.

Nothing, absolutely nothing comes close to iSyncr when it comes to functionality and ease of use.

The one big issue I had with doubletwist was that it wasn’t quite capable of transferring all of my music (there always seemed to be an error in moving some obscure named file type), but (and this is just me being nitpicky) the album art was just shit to look at. I mean, it looked so pixelated and jumbled that you might as well NOT have it.

AFT was my primary workhouse when I needed to chuck new tunes into my rotation, but this involved deleting and re-transferring every single music file. Also, playlists were non existent when using AFT.

iSyncr on the other hand, essentially syncs playcount, playlists, high quality album art (BIG YAY!) with your iTunes client quickly and fuss free. There’s the iSyncr Mac client that you need to download which is quick and doesn’t bog your system down (unlike doubletwist) and then paying for the iSyncr app for Android on the play store.
That. Is. It.


Syncing is surprisingly quick. Let it run every night before you go to bed and bazinga! everything is ready for you in the morning.
The developers (JRT Studios) even have a very capable and pretty looking media player ready for you (Rocket Player) that handles everything perfectly.
Even on it’s own, I would pretty much be quite happy with Rocket. Metadata editing, being able to pick album art, big buttons for use when driving, I dunno what else you can ask for.


Please don’t judge my taste in music, my library runs across the entire gamut of genres.It works for me, and that’s what playlists are for.


At what point upon growing older do you decide, I don’t want to put my life out there in the public domain anymore?

Before the word selfie was created, there was camwhoring. And camwhoring was quite a dirty word, if I remember correctly. There was a distinct sense of crass and ego attached to it.
But who I am to critique such a subject?
The attention seekers? My entire blog history culminates in me doing exactly that until I created a shell so thick & dark that would enable me to hide away from the world.
My secret nook that I could replay my thoughts in perpetual secrecy, away from the prying eyes of the public, never to be judged for what I believed in.

Sometimes I wonder, is this what happens when you grow older? Obviously your perspectives and goals undergo a massive shift, but really, have we lost our innocence, our blitheness?
Heck, look at the amount of people out there on the web who continue to publish their thoughts, their reviews, their opinions, snapshots of their lives, life altering events with continued unabashedness, unafraid of the evil words people spew?
Is it because of jealousy?  People’s silly belief that only the superior and eloquent should be allowed to utter words?

Let me just say, fuck. that.

I used to write unapologetically. Be damned with the haters – but then something changed. Not wanting to commit to a cause that might come back and bite me in the ass later on ? A slice of “this is what happens when you are too vocal” being chucked back in my face? Retribution? Having to face my mistakes on and on and on again?

Hell, I’m man enough to admit that I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. The only difference is between me and you and everyone else (especially the ones who seem to not be able to do no wrong) is what is we know or have been told about?

In the midst of a rather hard conversation I was having with my mum the other day, she said something that reverberated quite strongly with me, “your priorities and views change depending on what age you’re at”.
That’s gospel right there. It’s true, we all know it’s true…but it’s all too easy to forget when we get too caught up with life and staying in the moment.

Heck, look at this post. 9 years ago, my prime concern in life was merely GETTING INTO UNIVERSITY TO DO MY GODDAMNED DEGREE.
It’s all too easy to sit back and laugh about all of this now but all was good back then.

On that note, I want to share this lovely lady with the world. On a day when I was losing my shits because the terrible weather decided to mess with my plans, she steadfastly rattled on options and was ever receptive to my ludicrous (even to me) suggestions and never whinged an iota.
Thank you, and I bloody love you.


20 days to go.


If only Doc’s DeLorean was real.