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Life’s chapters, subsections, paragraphs

So for a while now I’ve been trying out different ways to get my notes, reminders, and journalling done in a way that works for me.
I think that line is what matters the most.
What I find satisfactory might not be your best cup of tea so by all means tweak it until you’re most satisfied with your end product.
In my case, it all boiled down to my EDC. As a relatively new convert to public transport my ability to just chuck everyone and their mum into my bag became obsolete. Couldn’t fit? That’s alright, you can have a place on my front seat.
Besides my breakfast shake, lunch, and a sturdy jacket (winter has been miserably cold this year) I also bring along my Kindle and a failing power bank (new one in the post thanks to my eBay plus membership).
I try and do as much reading as I can and my GoodReads profile will attest to that but when I don’t have my Kindle on me I fall back on my Feedly app to catch up on news & blogs.
Unfortunately here in Oz, data is not handed out in abundance unlike most parts of the world.
And, my phone has a teeny weeny battery (hence the powerbank).
What I do then is to link articles that I glance through via Feedly to Pocket which syncs nightly (I’m still trying to find out if there is any way for this to function automatically ala Google Photos).
Mobile reception is also extremely spotty on my train ride so all of these things help minimize the strain on my battery and data usage.
Ok, so that’s my misc reading sorted. What about reminders and tasks? At the moment I’m rocking Wunderlist because I’m a huge fan of their UI and also integration with Google Calendar and the like. Ease of use is a must.
If I can’t add it to my appropriate list with due date and some quick notes then it is utterly useless to me. I’m sure we’ve all had that ‘ah-ha moment’ where you remember something and struggle to jot it down before your brain turns to mush and forgets again.
I have the widget right smack and center on one of my home screens so that I don’t miss the important bits. Also, being able to sync across devices is a big plus.
What’s left then? A Frankenstein combo of a notebook to file paperwork and Evernote for when I don’t feel like physically writing.
Evernote is already my chuck-all-be-all bookmarks sorting system (via notebooks) so there’s that.
I’m not a power user of Evernote because I find their freemium offering more than adequate for my requirements but again, your requirements might be entirely different to me.
You might not want to be encumbered by lugging things around and that’s perfectly fine, and so in this instance you perhaps would be more comfortable with Evernote as your catch-all dumping ground.
Nothing wrong with scanning all docs and doing whatever you want, however you want.

TLDR: This is my method and it works for me. Experiment and find what works best in your situation because it really does become a personal thing.