Hey Google, y u keep killing my internet

Well this might explain why our router keeps cutting out every day or two. Disabling the 5 GHz band seemed to have fixed it temporarily but every so often, it does again. 

When your router is on the bottom floor of a 3 story townhouse, climbing down 2 flights of stairs unnecessarily becomes a huge chore. 

Hopefully they push out a patch soonish.


The Moth Mother Cometh

What can I say? I love me a good Stephen King novel.
This book took me slightly longer to finish than I would have preferred but hey, at least I can file it away under my ‘read’ list now.

Not being entirely sure how Owen contributed to this book means that I can’t genuinely comment on what he brought to the table, but you can definitely notice subtle differences in the pacing and also plot development when compared to previous King works.

Did I like it? Yup.
Would I recommend it? Yup.
Would I purchase a physical copy of it?



Word passed through the grapevine about this little show called Dark and how great it is.

I had 4 days off over Christmas.
3 nights of being able to relive my teenage days staying up late watching the sun rise.
Naturally, this show became my consumption of choice.

It starts off a little slow (the pacing is ridiculously erratic IMHO), you try and wrap your head around the linguistics of it all (unlike Narcos where everything seems to just flow), and the characters, ah man, don’t get me started about that part. If you don’t pay attention to who is who and how each and every one of them are connected, you’re buggered.

IF you can get over all those humps and want to be wowed by some dark cinematography, then by all means add Dark to your to watch list.

I actually thought it was heaps better than Stranger Things season 2, but it’s easy to be critical of them both for different reasons.
With all of that being said, the ending was a bit of a let down. You sort of get this vibe that the director was intentionally holding back to lure you in for season 2 but this just leads to a frustrating finale. The initial plot of the series revolves around the missing kids and what happens to them.
Why in the bloody hell was this not better explored?

#Rant over#


There was this chat I once had with a friend about how useful these little smart gadgets actually are and why would anyone every desire one. This is especially true if you’re paranoid about your privacy and don’t feel comfortable with what is easily the biggest tech company (I consider apple a phone company as they haven’t put out anything worth their salt in a while) listening to your conversations 24/7 365 days a year. Unless your internet goes out, but that is another story altogether.

Lo and behold, we have one for the living room now. I had a voucher for 20$ at my favourite brick and mortar store plus they had it going for 48$ so….there wasn’t much thought that went into this purchase.
28$ for a mini? That’s a compulsive buy right there.

What can I say after 2 weeks ? It sure does come in handy when I’m cooking and need to set a timer or to play some tunes to get a vibe going but it’s a bit of a shame that you need spotify premium to fully unlock all that lovely features (but not exactly a deal breaker to me).

With all the 75$ for 2 deals going on now, I’d say get one (or 2) and think about what you can use it for later.
I chuck more questions at it without even thinking nowadays.


New Year? 2018 Waterfall Gully Hike

What did you end up doing on the first of January?
Sleeping off that hangover?
If you were, my apologies, I know how that feels like. Being hungover in your 30’s is so different from when you’re hungover in your 20’s.

We decided to get an early start to the day (or rather I was woken up earlier than I would have liked) and drove down to waterfall gully to get our blood pumping.

My original plan was to start the hike at the foot of the waterfall where the cafe is, but due to navigational errors, we settled on this instead!


Awfully thoughtful of the council to have a few benches just sitting around for people to take in the magnificent view @ 300 metres.


Thankfully, there was zero snake sightings. Despite what the sign said about bikes, we noticed a few going up and down which was kinda insane.

All in all, 1 hour up, 50 minutes down. Not bad considering we had my mum with us.
If you’re wondering where the scenery pictures are, sorry to disappoint but the bulk of them turned out to be either overexposed / out of focus.
My insistence on shooting on full manual mode means that there’s gonna be a lot of trial and error before everything comes good, but hey, it’s a process.
I’ll get there.

Kingsman, take II


Absolutely perfect for a day-off Monday night.
I don’t think I could say one bad thing about the acting, nor the plot if you can just let the storyline unfold and take you where it wants to.

Just a heads up to the increasing number of people with macs out there to please reboot your systems after installing the extremely botched up update that apple pushed through 2 days ago. I was otw to work this morning when I realised that silly me forgot to do just that even after reading how idiotic that is (especially when they conveniently forget to inform you).

Speaking of driving to work, 99.99% of the time when I get in the car, my phone goes in it’s phone holder and gets aux’ed in into the stereo (perks of an 8 year old car – no BT interference). I snagged a data-free music streaming package with my new contract which still has 4 months give or take to run down, so because of that, I had Pandora 24/7 when I was driving.
Now obviously, with Pandora packing up their bags and calling it a day in the land down under, that left me with…Spotify.

It ain’t Pandora, but that’s because I literally spent YEARS┬ácurating my radio stations. Anyways, I’m getting away from the point that I want to make: we stream almost everything now. Our data allowances have of course swelled to the point whereby we don’t skimp as much as we used to.
BUT, I still miss owning my music. Having it at my fingertips. Having some modicum of control over my library basically.

On that note, it is bedtime. My goal is to sneak in at least 7 hours of uninterrupted zzz’s (this is proving to be an impossible task with daylight savings when your other half is stuck 2.5 hours behind you).