2019 Resolutions

  1. Dial down the intensity, lean back and breathe periodically, and let someone else get in the driver’s seat.
  2. The to-do list is just that, a to-do list. Life is not going to end if something is left for the next day…or gets pushed back to some day.
  3. Dedicating more time to foam rolling, fascia massages, and just general chill out sessions. I’ve severely neglected this aspect over the years as I’ve ramped up my training (one plate squat goal achieved!) plus having to segment life with family has left me with some issues.
  4. Doing more stuff with the house.
    Time for a second living room / guest room so that we have more living space.
    Re-tint all windows so that the summers are more hospitable…yeah my list keeps on growing!
  5. Grow my hobbies, write more, and just have more fun doing things.
  6. Read more.
  7. Sneak in more travelling.
  8. Sleep sleep sleep!



GZCL Turbocharged

This is me being overly enthusiastic having the opportunity to incorporate some variety into my routine that I said fuck it let’s GO HAM!
The DOMS ( I love you, I really do ) is creeping in.
Theoretically, you’re only meant to do 3 out of the 6 T3’s but I did all of them anyway because I had the time to spare. I might be regretting that decision come tomorrow.
Couple that with just over 4 hours of sleep and you have a recipe for a barely operational zombie.

Yeah No

Every now and then I get this burst of energy and motivation to spin up something elaborate. You know, the type of dishes that make you go ‘WA-HEYYYY’.

This was originally meant to be one of them.

Unfortunately, halfway reading through the recipe, I came to the realization that this is a ridiculous amount of time to be spending in the kitchen.

Sure it’s a genuine from scratch meal but c’mon… The dedication to doing this is just in another level. I’m going to file this away in my Evernote folder for future reference.

Who knows, maybe one day when I have a proper two day weekend and I’m bored out of my wits I might properly attempt this monstrosity.

United States of Japan

I thoroughly enjoyed this book I must say.
Multiple other reviewers speak of Philip K Dick’s influence (do we ever never quote his name in every dystopian future story?) but I would say the style of writing reminds me of The Themis Files trilogy.

Japan emerges as the victor of the second world war with the USA and most other countries (Germany remains the other hold out) capitulating to the Emperor’s rule.
The alternate reality begins and ends with Beniko Ishimura and the George Washingtons (yes no shit, this is what they call themselves).

I don’t want to give too much of the plot and expansion of the story away, but this is a slam dunk for people like me who revelled in the Pacific Rim universe.

Serving up next: Mecha Samurai Empire!



I’m a sucker for everything sci-fi but this….just seems like a mash up of Lost in space, Altered Carbon, and Cloverfield Paradox (OH THE HORROR).

I very well will end up watching it but whether or not it’ll go down smooth like a 21 year old Laphroaig remains to be seen.

Ps: Good on you producer for throwing in the token asian dude for racial equality. Lol.

LABOURING on Labour Day

Holy balls. It’s already October!
The Lebron era in LA has finally rolled around and by God, the tempo Luke Walton has them playing at looks salacious.
Rondo seems to be relishing his newfound teammates who are more than keen to pop a J, roll to the rim or just bully his way to an easy two points.
It however remains to be seen how they’ll cope come (if they get there) the post season.
Without sharpshooters opponents will very likely just sag off but in this case,  Lonzo isn’t much of a shooter either so let’s see.

We spent the morning yesterday assembling a swing for the balcony now that the weather has finally warmed up enough.

The balconies are still a PITA to clean without a water source tho. I get penny pinching but like seriously, I’m sure it wouldn’t have cost them much to install a couple of taps.
I’ve gotten into the habit of giving myself the spooks by delving into some Reddit threads before going to bed (https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/6jix5j/what_is_the_scariest_reddit_post)
and this in particular caused me so much distress I actually went downstairs and made sure my front door was locked down solid.
There are a lot, a lot of whacked out people out there.