I thought I’d be adventurous today and attempt a ride down to Hallett Cove while trying to conquer this mini hill that I go by on my daily commute.

Par for the course, the weather was appalling.
The drizzle began when I was going by Glenelg and I just told myself, well, god is saying turn left, head home, and start playing some video games.

But what do you know, it all cleared up and once I got past Brighton I said fuck it, let’s just shoot up this hill and I can make my way back.
Now more on this ‘hill’.
It’s steep.
Very steep.
I had to stop a few times to take a few swigs of water because I was questioning my sanity for doing this to myself on a Sunday morning.

But, I got there.

And then the weather changed again. Twas a funny, funny, day.

Watching Kenji wax on about air cooled and quick dried chicken really tells you how meticulous this guy is.
To me, dry chicken is dry chicken. Period.

This season has been nothing short of a clusterfuck for Ferrari.
I have supported them through their best of times with Schumi, the dark days when they couldn’t seem to (just barely) keep up with the Mercs, and now completely dropping off the standings & not even making Q1.
Like, WTF Binotto?

Eking out more time

What a cunt!

Anyways, Mondays will always be Mondays.
My butt still hurts from yesterdays’ ride + I’m still coming to grips with shifting (and staying away from the dreaded “cross chaining”).

Could NOT get up for the champions league finals this morning but I already know who won so no surprise there, but watching the match now and it’s pretty entertaining!

To Infinity & Beyond

So we plonked down some dosh for a civic on Wednesday. This time around we went to the Honda dealership in Glenelg and I can gladly say that the person we dealt with was a lot less pushy, more attentive, and certainly helluva more willing to bargain.
Very, deeply satisfied because there wasn’t much of asian style haggling going on with trying to come out tops.

D-Day was Friday and the guy was pretty confident with his abilities in snagging Mickey & co.
We shall see, I guess.

Finally, finally took the Allez out (yes I bit the bullet) for a ride when I put Kiki in for her usual service and I can now say why cyclists have so much fun on the road. The speed and wind that runs through your body is sensational.
Racked up 23km and not feeling any jelly legs or that sort except that my butt, my poor butt.
Some cycling shorts & maybe lights would help.

This is the look of a man condemned


Rewind a couple of days ago:
Just got back from Empress for Kats’ birthday dinner & as I’m sitting downstairs preparing to continue on with my FF XIII adventure, I notice a quick dash along the sideboards.

Obviously, my interest is piqued. My first thought is well, someone must have driven by and that was just some headlight action.
But…then I notice very minute, small movements.


Long story short, after a lot of freaking out and discovering that this very same rodent had climbed the stairs and had entered the kitchen, all hell broke loose.

Frantic looking, plenty of overturned items.
We found a nest (sorta).
A lot of things got chucked.
The pantry got a good look over.
Back of the sofa received a nice cleanse.

The good is that we feel that it hasn’t actually made our house its’ home.
The bad is that we reckon its’ living in the walls.
We’ve got a pest control person coming on Friday to sort this shit out.
Peace of mind doesn’t have a price.

Me having my dinner downstairs + turning the heater on full blast on these freezing winter nights probably hasn’t helped either – not that I’m dirty mind you.

I’ve been running a low grade fever for the past week or so. Not high enough to actually be concerning, but definitely warm enough that the cold hasn’t bothered me at work.
The lethargy, bone aches, chills…Yeah nah it’s not the ‘rona.

Its’ bad enough that I don’t actually want to work out.
No futsal, no basketball.
Just this perpetual tiredness that no amount of coffee can fix.
I was planning on re-starting GZCL but put it off because I felt that I needed a weeks’ break to recharge but at this rate, who knows when I’ll be ready to do some heavy lifting again.
Dear sore left knee, you aren’t helping either.
I had my eye on the 2020 Specialized Allez but dear lord, why is everything so much more expensive? Tack on pedals, shoes, kits, a decent riding helmet + trip computer and I’m looking at 1600AUD give or take.
Maybe someday.
Thats’ what I said 3 years ago.

Chambray inspo

And the lag on this wireless mouse is getting irritating.

This just screams peaks 90s

And since when did basketball shoes become so expensive?
Lebrons for > 200 bucks these days? God. No wonder Nike gave him a billion dollar life time contract.

Don’t Say Jeez, It’s RUDE

I’ve been weighing up building a gaming PC (my high school days are a-calling) or saving up for a PS5 + new TV for the game room.

cheaper games
being able to make my laptop, well, a laptop again
not needing to unplug and reconnect my laptop perpetually

being able to use the tv as a media consumption device
needing to buy a new monitor (might as well get a tv IMHO)

Uh, BRB. I need to consult my back account.