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Just look at this and tell me the weather hasn’t gone demented. Is it any surprise people are falling sick left, right and centre? From a high of 30 down to 17 in a matter of 24 hours.

I don’t blame them either because over the past 2 days I’ve been driving home with the AC on full blast. This mirage of mind blowingly good weather is shattered 2 minutes after stepping out of the car when I’m regretting my short sightedness of not having a jacket on hand.


Don Pablo, what is left to say about this guy? What a badass.

Seeing Bae In 3 Days

This is the state of my study right now. If you know me well enough, then you’ll know that this drives me absolutely bonkers. 
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But, something has got to give. I’d rather have adequate space in my living room to do my stretches & foam rolling than live with stinky clothes. 

Another one of life’s conundrums. 

Android Fail, 2012

4 years ago, I bought what was then considered the greatest Android tablet ever made:
the OG 2012 Nexus 7.
I don’t remember what firmware it came with, but back in the day, it was bad ass.

Blazingly fast. First to come preloaded with google now (now a grandfather when compared to the current iteration: google on tap). Perfect size. Crisp screen.
It could do nothing wrong.
And then…bang…firmware update after firmware just made it unusable.
Mine’s just an expensive paperweight right now.
It doesn’t charge very well, and when I do get it powered up, let’s be honest…its a piece of crap.

I played with the idea of perhaps using it in my car as a rather beautiful navigational / entertainment console ala Tesla (don’t ask me how, I was just thinking, but the steps involved i.e. rewiring and power sourcing put me off at the moment), but that would necessitate a working tablet to start with.

So…my next project is rooting and installing a lightweight ROM that will hopefully end up bearing me a working chunk of glass.
One day.

I also had the opportunity to play around with the new iPhone 7 plus the other day and consider me impressed. That new camera…wow. I know it’s a bit gimmicky (double lenses and all) but it is really…really…good. I’ve always said that the cameras on iphones are phenomenal, but this really takes the cake.
Unfortunately, I’ve never handled a Galaxy 7 yet so I can’t compare them head to head but it is mind boggling to think of how far we’ve come since cameras started appearing on phones.

In an update to my wonky knees: note to self, don’t skip leg day even if they’ve been swollen for 2 weeks.
I made the mistake of miscounting my plates a few weeks ago and thus ended up deadlifting a lot more than I intended to.
Being overly ambitious, I said fuck it and went through with it anyway.
Cue swollen knees for 2 weeks. Cue inability to bend properly. Cue back pain and hip issues.
Thanks smart guy.
Thankfully, leg day is tomorrow so I can go and start stretching out my glutes and stuff soon.

Disgusting AF

Just no. I don’t see how UA thinks that this design will sort of grow on people. It’s like, oh we have some leftover of this, and some of that, let’s just Frankenstein it together and pretend like we meant for it to be like this. 

Nah uh.