On Top Of The World

Holy. Shit.


And they said there’s never a silly question

“Russell, do you wish you guys ever wore tiny, little shorts?” His answer: “No.”

“Who’s the sexier Van Gundy, Stan or Jeff?” His answer: Just shakes his head.


Picking up a 20

Oh DOMS, how I have missed ye.
This is the year.

The Future

Possibly the only good looking angle of this piece of hunk. Credit where credit is due though, Toyota is blazing the way forward in terms of affordability, leaving Tesla to it’s niche.

Fossil fuel will eventually go the way of the dinosaurs, what do we do then?

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End of the road

I don’t like the sound of no.
When you say I can’t, that gives me all the more fuel to push on.

Hitting a hundred

The cheer from the crowd as Rose hits the free throw that bumps the score to 100, smh.
I guess they must really like their big macs.


Go home, fuck her brains out, then smack her with your penis and scream, ‘there’s some wood for you, bitch!’

Gone Girl

Tell me again, how did this book get made into a movie?


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